Approximately 35 residents attended the BOD meeting, where Hotwire, Annual Meeting, ARCC recommendations and Amendment Changes were discussed. Here's a recap of the meeting by topic area.


  • 2021 Budget is being worked on, all contractors have been notified to send 2021 estimates

  • $17, 025 in unbudgeted expenses and even though attorney fees are up, they are not over budget


  • Mailings are in the process of being sent to schedule multiple Zoom meetings for homeowners to learn more and ask questions. (For ideas on questions to ask, click here.)

  • Expect to start seeing construction in the neighborhood starting Sept 21st, including potentially on your property.

  • Community meeting (via ZOOM) to vote on the Petition to Cancel the Hotwire Contract will be held October 6th. (To read more about this, click here and here)

  • A homeowner asked what information would be provided with the material, and how the meeting would be conducted

  • A different homeowner asked detailed questions about how the voting would work - (via a limited proxy, with Arbors Attorney Deborah Ross present for roll call)

  • Another homeowner asked if the Arbors attorney is going to provide guidance prior to the meeting – if not, how and why should the community vote without knowing the impact

  • A different homeowner commented that Mariner Village homeowners had taken the same path at the Arbors, their contract has been cancelled, and they are restarting their research process

  • A homeowner asked why construction was continuing with the contract in doubt – the President stated that Hotwire is aware of what is happening.                                                        A homeowner reminded community that not providing Bulk service is an option.

  • The Arbors / Hotwire liaison (Project Manager), read a statement related to Hotwire, which had these points:

  1. He stated that the petition recently filed to cancel the contract could lead to a $10,000 per homeowner fee – when asked by a homeowner if that was the Attorneys opinion, no answer was provided. This was just his opinion, based upon the total amount of the contract divided by 190 homes.

  2. Stated he personally had issues with Comcast due to unreliable service and was looking forward to having Fiber, and Comcast had been unresponsive  

  3. Mentioned the 10-year contract requirement concern many homeowners have raised

Annual Meeting

  • An annual meeting is being scheduled for Oct 26th (or Nov 2) at Indian River State College

  • It appears the existing slate of candidates from March this year will be used, although it was mentioned one person had dropped out (no name given)

  • Information was not provided as to the status of any votes cast earlier this year

  • A homeowner did comment that surely we should start with a new slate of candidates

  • The meeting will take place using the existing rules – nomination from the floor CAN be made.

  • To read more about this, click here.

Amendment Changes

  • Following requests from many homeowners, the Arbors attorney has provided an update to the Arbors By-Laws, removing the requirement for “from the floor” nomination which prevented the Arbors holding the March 2020 meeting impacted by Covid-19.

  • The Board reviewed the amendment and passed it unanimously

  • The amendment will now be mailed to all homeowners, along with other board approved Amendment updates, for formal voting. It will not become effective unless voted in by the community.

  • Given the timing of the now rescheduled 2020 meeting, that meeting will be conducted under the existing rules. The new rules will take effect beginning with the 2021 meeting.

NOTE: Once the proposed amendments are available, we will provide a comparison of the current and proposed amendments, implications and questions to consider before casting your vote to accept or reject each proposed amendment

ARCC Recommendations

Metal Roof Colors

  • 8 new colors were proposed by the ARCC in addition to the 6 currently available

  • The board reviewed, and recommended approving 6 of the 8

  • The board stated that all roofers would have access to these new colors

NOTE: Samples of the new colors can be viewed at the Church St. office.

Metal Roof Colors - Mill Finish

  • The ARCC has recommended that Mill Finish be removed as a metal roof option.

  • This is largely due to a comment made by a local Realtor that the abundance of Mill Finish roofs is starting to make the Arbors look like a "trailer park". This raised multiple comments including a request for the name of the Realtor which was not shared

  • Many opinions were raised, and the board understands that this is a sensitive issue, especially given the approximately $5,000 extra cost most homeowners are quoted for a colored finish - A homeowner asked if the ARCC had counted the current # of mill finish roofs and the answer was NO

  • The board understands the concerns and tabled for future discussion

Arbors Website

  • The ArborsVillage.Com website was down for 3 weeks, with no communication to residents during that outage.

  • Lisa Kusen (APM) stated the issue was related to an expired Domain Name, which no one was tracking. This has now been renewed for 10 years

  • Several homeowners asked why we are paying a company $150/month to support the site, which at its best is out of date, and only needs to be updated 2 times a month.

  • The costs reported for website maintenance seem high for what a typical website hosting and support costs;  the Arbors have spent $4k in the last 18 months for this support

  • A homeowner offered to look into what can be done with the website and report back to the Board with recommendations.


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