Updated: Aug 24, 2020

At the August 18 BOD meeting, four Arbors residents volunteered to research ongoing issues with Ferrellgas that are preventing the ability of residents to install whole-house (WH) generators. This approach was approved by the board and the ad hoc committee was formed.

Comprised of several subject matter experts, the committee will:

gather the facts on residents' use and needs

meet with Ferrellgas representatives as needed

determine an array of the best options, and

present these options to the community for a vote



  • There has a been a moratorium on the installation of new WH generators since February, as Ferrellgas (FG) has not been able to assure The Arbors of sufficient gas supply to all existing generators and gas-served homes in the event of a major electrical power loss to the community (e.g. in the event of a major storm).

  • Currently there are 121 homes serviced with gas by FG. There are 29 WH generators. These are currently serviced by 6 1000gal tanks and 21,360 feet of 1 1/4" pipe with a max pressure of 10 psi.

  • In initial conversations between the BOD and FG, it was believed there were 40-65 WH generators, and FG stated that they could not guarantee service. FG conducted a survey and now concludes that there are 29 generators. They "think" all should work, but are unwilling to guarantee this.

  • FerrellGas has suggested 2 options, along with a third tabled by the Arbors board which requires an amendment change. For more information about these options, CLICK HERE to read a prior post.

  • FerrellGas is not in a strong financial position; their market value has eroded in recent years.

  • The ability to have gas as an alternate fuel is an attraction for potential new home buyers.

  • While emerging technology such as the Tesla Powerwall are on the horizon, guaranteed fuel supply in the event of storms is an issue that must be resolved today.


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