Thought Starters for Upcoming Hotwire Meetings

There are a series of upcoming presentations from Hotwire. Below are some questions we have heard from other neighbors which may trigger a question of your own.


  1. How long will the installation take inside the house (approx.)

  2. Will you move any furniture around, or do I have to do that e.g. access behind TV etc.

  3. Will you drill a hole in my wall, if so, where and how will it be sealed

  4. On a prior Zoom called with Hotwire, we were told only Hotwire employees (no subcontractors)  will come into my house , is that accurate 

  5. Please tell me what Covid-19 precautions are in place

  6. How big is the ONT, how heavy is it – I understand it may have to go in my laundry room, I don’t have any spare power socket in there, how is it powered

  7. If by accident an installer damages an existing underground wire, or my sprinkler, who is responsible for repairs

  8. Hopefully never, but if an installer has an injury on my property, who’s insurance is liable and am I protected

  9. I understand there is a battery backup for the ONT, is a battery backup (UPS) provided to back up the Router


  1. Please can you clarify the speed, and any “guarantee” of Internet speed – the Arbors letter told us it is guaranteed, is that correct

  2. I use my Xfinity X1 to access my Streaming Apps today – I was told Hotwire does not provide a streaming interface , how can I now access these streaming Apps on my TV

  3. Will you reconfigure all my TV’s , Smartphones, Tablets, Smart Homes devices once the new service is active

  4. I use a Universal remote from Logitech, will you reprogram it assuming it supports the Hotwire remote control

  5. I get my Anti-Virus software from Comcast/Xfinity today, will you replace that

  6. I have existing Wi-Fi extenders in my house, will they still work

  7. What is the total monthly cost including all taxes etc. please

  8. Can you provide a complete current list of the channels that come with the Arbors package please

  9. Please can you provide the channels, and costs, of any add-on package e.g. Sports Package, and can these add-ons be added/dropped at any time

  10. I have my own WIFi router today, can I use that on the Hotwire network to avoid changing all my device settings

Potential impact to my Comcast services

  1. Will my Xfinity Home Security System still work after Comcast is disconnected

  2. When will I lose access to my Comcast service

  3. If I want to stay with Comcast, what do I need to do

  4. I use the Comcast nationwide WIFI hotspot  service when I travel, does Hotwire have any similar service

  5. My cell phone service uses the Xfinity mobile solution, does Hotwire have anything similar or will I now have to change my cell phone provider and lose my savings  

  6. My Email address is through Comcast.Net today, will that stop working, or is there some action I need to take

  7. I use the NBC Peacock Premium channel today on my X1 service which I get free as a Comcast customer – will I now have to pay $60 a year when I lose my Comcast account

  8. I am a boxing fan and watch Pay Per View events, does Hotwire support PPV service

  9. I watch movies via the On Demand function, is that supported

  10. I use the Comcast mobile app to watch live and recorded content, does Hotwire have a similar function

  11. Today  I can access a library of free movies, and I seem to get a lot of special offers for free weeks of Premium channels e.g. HBO, does Hotwire offer a similar option(s) 


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