Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Thankfully we made it through the recent storm and rains; but will your generator work when you need it most?

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In February 2020, the Board issued a moratorium on the installation of new whole house generators using the FerrellGas service. Based on available information, this was because FerrellGas informed the Arbors that given the design of the current infrastructure “the integrity of the system would be jeopardized” if all of the existing generators were to come on at the same time (e.g. in the event of a power outage). The BOD asked FerrellGas to provide options to resolve this perceived situation, and these were presented at the April and again at the May board meetings, as follows:

  • Option 1 - replace existing 21,360 ft. of gas lines with larger diameter pipes, install four 1000 gal tanks - estimated cost $481,920

  • Option 2 - increase pressure through existing lines, install new regulators on tanks and valves at all served homes, install four 1000 gal. tanks - estimated cost $66,450

The board apparently has decided not to pursue either option nor consult with independent experts. Instead, at the most recent board meeting, the board approved wording for an amendment to the covenants that will allow individual homeowners to install one 500- gallon max propane underground tank on their own property at their own cost ($4,000-$5,000 per tank per Ferrellgas).

The questions remain - when the moratorium will be lifted, and when will the community get the history, explanation and documents to review this and the other four proposed amendments? When will the vote be held? This remains unclear.


As of April 2020 the Arbors has :

  • Three -1000 gallon underground LP gas tanks at the Gazebo Area

  • Three -1000 gallon underground LP gas tanks near the front entrance

  • Approximately four miles of 1 -1/4” underground gas lines

  • Gas service lines, regulators and meters to approximately 121 of the 190 homes

  • Estimated 40-65 generators - FerrellGas conducted a survey to determine the exact number of generators. To date, results of that survey have not been shared with homeowners.

HAVE A WHOLE HOUSE GENERATOR? Will It work when you need it most?

  • Call FerrellGas and inquire about options and solutions;

  • Ask the board for status;

  • Consider whether homeowners with these generators could agree to some type of schedule in the event of a longer-term power outage (e.g. cycle 2 hours on, 2 hours off, other options);

  • Would/should the Arbors invest to increase the flow of propane gas in the neighborhood?

Please email us at arbors2arbors if you have a whole house generator as we are compiling a use survey.


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